Christian Ortiz
Christian • is a designer from Chicago that is now living in Austin, Texas. He currently runs Métier, a studio practice that focuses on projects that revolve around Books, Websites, Research & Visual Identities. Christian holds a Bachelors of Design in graphic design from UIC, School of Design in Chicago, Illinois. Along with his personal practice of Métier, he continues to collaborate with new and old clients, friends, and on various projects. Currently he is collaborating with Houston TX design practice, MG&Co. (molletgeiser) on various typographic and publication projects as well as studio All Day Dreaming: a small creative studio based out of Chicago’s west town neighborhood.
Selected projects can be viewed here: Projects

Unused Poster Concept for Mirror Drama.
Final chosen poster design below.


Poster Design for Mirror Drama: A group show of work by first-year MFA candidates at the university of Austin, Texas.

Thank you to Andrew Skoda for reaching out and the opportunity to collaborate!


Fight for Paradise, Issue #1

Happy to announce the release of Fight for Paradise issue #1 which is Color Theory’s first publication.

“Fight for Paradise is a newspaper zine created to document anecdotes and perspectives of designers of color. A collection of essays, illustration, and typography. This first issue is initiated by the prompt of ‘divesting aesthetics’. Within these mediums the contributors explore creative sensibilities, resistance, and personal recollections. The contributions are: Jessica Choi, Tom Chung, Sina Sohrab, Steffany Tran, and Samantha Vo. This is a small part of a larger initiative by Color Theory to magnify the work and experience of BIPOC creatives.” - Alex Ortega.

Thank you to Alex Ortega and Color Theory for allowing me this opportunity to help edit and design.

Get your free copy at inga just pay for Shipping! But if you care about independent book shops, please be sure to pick up something else from their lovely shop/selection:

Inga Books, Chicago, IL

A big thank you to Alex, for documenting this project.


Fight for Paradise, Wordmark

The wordmark is set in Mabry Pro(Sans Serif) by Colophon Foundry, along with the use of Sometimes Times(Serif) by BoulevardLAB.

The overall expectation is that with each future issue, the “f” in “for” will continue to change. The intention is to disrupt the original sans serif wordmark and set the overall tone of what “Fight for Paradise” stands for.


ADD Mark, Wordmark

Design of Studio All Day Dreaming’s new mark/character as part of the studios brand refresh.

Typeface in use: Ginto Nord Ultra from dinamo type foundry.

Graphic Design: All Day Dreaming 


Algardi Regular, Typeface

An ongoing type design project for studio ADD’s personal use (for now). Current character set and some poster designs of the typeface in-use.

To learn more about this project, please read our short article on its orgin that was published on Medium: The Making of Algardi

Art Direction: Eddy Ymeri
Type Design: All Day Dreaming 


Max Lamb’s 2008 DIY Chair, Object

As my fascination for furniture and radical design grew, I wanted to begin building pieces for my own space so I decided to build Max Lamb’s DIY Chair for my personal studio space.

Followed these instructions for an easy build: DIY Chair by Max Lamb | Self-assembly
More info here: Max Lamb DIY Chair


Collection of Work from 2019, Print

Design for ADD’s 2019 Collection of Work.

All Day Dreaming


Human Movement Slowdown, Contribution

Contribution for Urgency Reader 2: Mutual Aid Publishing During Crisis. Edited and published by Paul Soulellis / Queer.Archive.Work.

Queer.Archive.Work., Urgency Reader 2


Airfield Supply Co. 10 Year Anniversary

Airfield Supply Co. 10th Anniversary celebrates the collaborations, passion, and hard work of flying high over the last decade. We designed this 10th Anniversary toolkit to represent and be shared all.

While designing in correspondence to Airfield's noticeable brand, a variety of custom design elements, type, patterns, and visuals were created for the toolkit.

Art Direction: Eddy Ymeri
Graphic Design: All Day Dreaming
Photography: Airfield Supply Co.


Square One Conference, Identity

Art Direction and design of visual identity, materials and conference guide for Advanced Designs annual Square One Design Conference. Advanced Design is a Chicago based nonprofit design organization founded in 2016. Read more here.

Using a range of arrows, Square One's visual identity is a representation of where the future of design, particularly Industrial Design, is headed.

Design: Bethany Chan, Nino Panes, All Day Dreaming
Typeface in use: Apoc by Blaze Type Foundry

Advanced Design


Square One Conference, Publication

The Square One 2019 Conference Guide features information on workshops, daily schedules, the 20+ designers, studios, and galleries that were involved in this 3-day conference experience which was held in San Francisco. Additionally, it includes a detailed guide of transportation, food, and sites around San Francisco.

Advanced Design


Anachronostic Dyschronia, Essay & Design

My Essay, “Anachronostic Dyschronia” takes a look into the the worlds current political issues surrounding Mental Health, Culture Gaps, the inflation of Mass Media, and regressions. Using my own personal experiences, research, and found writings, I pose how all of these issues begin to in a sense “Haunt” the past, present, and future state of our world.

Something//Something//: UIC Thesis


Anachronostic Dyschronia, Installation

Similar to my essay, this installation piece takes a look at those same political issues. However, this piece focuses on how they affect my personal mental health and my own future as an individual.

UIC Year End Show, Thesis


Risograph Guide, Print

Riso guide was created for us to explore our in house Riso GR3770 and its capabilities of printing. The guide shares details about the studios creative practice, origin, and the creatives involved with ADD.

Graphic Design: All Day Dreaming

All Day Dreaming 


Frame by Frame, Essay & Publication

Frame by Frame is a publication that addresses the deeper understanding of moving images and their interaction with human perception. Writings and images that have influenced this theory of mine are in the public domain.

Self Published


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