Issue #1 focuses on the work and understanding of artists, designers, researchers, and writers. Through this interweaving of material (work, texts, writings, and topics) we hope to help others navigate and learn about the interests, ideas and views of everyone involved. Whether it's political (or not), rules of life, how to's, or just a way to create — this is just an apparatus of our overall practice.

TTL is inspired by loom mechanisms used to develop cloth and textiles through the process of weaving and interlacing threads. From this, many unique patterns, designs, and ideas are formed and distributed outwards. Looms force threads under pressure to help facilitate the production process. These tend to vary in sizes, shapes, and operation methods based on the era and or region in which they were derived from. Though, the overall function of looms have remained the same even through the era of automation.

This project is open in terms of what you are able to contribute. Feel free and encouraged to contribute anything that you are interested in and would like to have published. Some of those things can be but not limited to: Writings • Images • Visual Arts • Research • Typography • Critiques • Work from the Commons • Resisting • Decolonizing • Essays • Poems • Sketches • Theories • Fiction writing • Artworks • WIP’s • Posters • Interviews • Anything that you really would like to expand on.

For any work, essays, reproduction & referencing of any outsourced material, please list the titles, descriptions & citations to those in which you are using. This includes all images. Also, please include links to any work you are referencing and planning to use. You may add those to the end of your writings or on a separate document/file. I will be placing those cites and into the designs/footnotes.

Work and references that are under copyright must fall into fair use guidelines if you are planning to move forward with this. Please visit for more information. All works that are public domain and from the creative commons are welcomed/strongly recommended.

All contributions/submissions will be designed, edited, & formatted by me into the design, so there is no need for you to worry about designing for this format, you will just have to submit. The “deadline” for all submissions will be April 30th at 11:59pm, but if you are able to submit before that time, please feel free to do so. Send all work to: as either a .zip folder, email attachment, via Google Drive, WeTransfer, or Dropbox.

A few notes on production:
This first issue will be printed as a single color risograph(possibly two) as it is the most cost-efficient. All images will be converted to grayscale and as a single color, so be aware of this if you are planning to submit any full color images. All printing, production and materials costs will be covered by me so there are no fees for you. Each contributor will receive a few copies of TTL#1 for themselves, free of cost. I will also be sharing a scanned pdf later down the line for you to have. Editions, page count, and release date is still TBD.

Lastly, as I am fortunate enough to be able to currently WFH, I feel that all of the profits that come from this project should be donated to various non-profits to help those in need during the current pandemic of COVID-19. Future issues and profits will also continue to help by supporting other charities/non-profits for as long as we can.

If you have any further questions and need assistance on what you should submit, send emails to © 2019